Monday, June 29, 2009

Todd Snider @ The Intersection

Todd Snider was originally scheduled to play a small acoustic show in the front room of the Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday June 26th before his show on Saturday at the Ark in Ann Arbor. Due to larger than expected ticket sales they had to move the show to the main stage and included Ashliegh Flynn to open the show. It was still an acoustic show but thats the best way to experience Todd and his music. Arriving to the show in his Volkswagen bus armed with a few guitars and his harmonica he took the stage barefoot pausing between songs to talk about them and sometimes just go on his off the wall tangeants that have nothing to do with much of anything but are always humerous. Fans of Todd's were attempting to sneak backstage before and after the show to meet him and give him handmade crafts and handrolled homegrown. Todd played mostly the songs he's known for going back to the "Songs for a Daily Planet" debut album even though he has a new release out called the "excitment plan" produced by Don Was, he chose to stick with his hits like "Play a train song" and "Talking seattle Grunge Rock Blues" to the delight of the crowd. I got to talk with Todd after the show a bit and he signed my hat and posed for a few photos and left in his VW bus to the next show.


  1. LUV Todd's Stuff, Always makes me lauf,he is destand 2 B Tom Waites/Red Skelton/David Letterman/Skip Lutz all rolled up as Original Twenty First Century
    Wish more coverage of him in the FUTURE
    Doc Hollowhead
    Nashburg, TN

  2. Thanks for checking it out. Todd is awesome, my cousins friend in Colorado taught Todd how to play guitar years ago. I love to hear To Todd's stories as much as i love his Music.