Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Lost Trailers @ Joe's

Atlanta Georgia's The Lost Trailers have been touring non stop since forming back around the year 2000. After their first performance at Willie Nelson's Fourth of July picnic they released a couple albums on their own and were later signed to Universal/Republic records realeasing the album "Welcome to the Woods" which had a couple charting singles. In 2006 they were signed to BNA records and were set to release their first single "Chicken Fried" which by now you all know was written by and has become a huge hit for Zac Brown and his band. Between those first independent releases and their latest smash "Holler Back" the band went through many line up changes and shuffling instruments with Stokes nielson as the lead singer and Ryder lee on keyboards writing songs together. Then later having Manny Medina re join the band as their bass player and Stoke's younger brother Andrew taking over keyboards which moved Ryder to lead vocalist and Stokes to lead guitar along with drummer Jeff Potter. 2008 was an Incredible year for the band. The Lost Trailers had one of the best selling records for a band since Alabama's heyday. I was on hand to photograph still shots of the band filming their music video for the song "Holler Back" and it was filmed about 45 minutes North of my hometown in Grand Rapids Michigan downtown at Calder Plaza and indoors at the Intersection where i sometimes also shoot photos and for a split second i am in the video. They decided on the name Lost Trailers after the unfortunate circumstances of having had their equipment trailer stolen three times from them. The guys played a somewhat short set but it included alot of energy and feedback from the crowd and they included most of the songs off "holler back" as well as a few covers. This photo is of lead singer Ryder Lee. Click on the title to this post to see more photos, will be adding more soon.

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