Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jerry Jeff Walker @ Country Fever

Well i can come up with all kinds of adjectives like, legendary and iconic to describe Jerry Jeff Walker and they are all true. Seeing Jerry Jeff for the first time after listening to his music for years either through one of his records or through someone else covering one of his many songs, i can say that he has only gotten better. His infamous hard partying ways have seemed to mellow him and his voice out which usually that doesnt happen. Jerry had a stellar band with him on stage he introduced as "The Sons of the Pioneers" and played all his hits to the remaining loyal fans that were on hand to watch the last act on the main stage in Pryor. Jerry Jeff has always done things his own way, never compromising his music and has his own record label "Tried & True" so he can do just that. He has played for Presidents and for working folk in the honky tonks and saloons across America, although he was born and raised in New York state he is a true Texas Troubadour and continues to inspire musicians and songwriters around the world with his story telling songs that are both serious and humerous. I was moved sitting there in one of the seats listening to his show after photographing him realizing that Im here actually watching Jerry Jeff Walker on stage. After seeing so many other incredible talent on the main stage as well as the side stages i still gotta admit Jerry Jeff Walker is a master of his craft like no one else will ever be.

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