Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jason Boland & the Stragglers at Cowboys Dancehall

It's been about a year since i have seen Jason Boland & the Stragglers. Quite a few changes have come about since then. Fiddler Noah Jeffries left to follow his dream with his own band MilkDrive, original Straggler Jeremy Watkins filled in but has since left the road and has been replaced by Cory Morrow's fiddle player Nick Worley. Steel guitarist, gutarist, and mandolin player extraordinaire Roger Ray considered leaving to support American Idol runner up and Fort Worth Texas native Casey James but thankfully has decided to remain a Straggler. Brad Rice has relied on Shine percussion but has switched to Spau
n. Jason shaved his head and grew a beard but long time bassist Grant Tracy is still his jolly ole self. Jason debuted a new song at Cowboys Dancehall San Antonio, i'm not sure what the title is but it sure was catchy both melodically and lyrically. It was great to catch up with everyone backstage and i'm looking forward to seeing them again soon, probably at the Lone Star Jam in Austin at the beginning of May if not sooner. Taking a good photo that i am happy with of Jason has always personally eluded me until that night. The a
bove photo is probably my personal best of Jason so far.

Brandon Rhyder at the San Antonio Rodeo kick off BBQ at Seaworld

Brandon Rhyder opened for the Departed at Sea World in San Antonio at the BBQ kick off party. Over 240 BBQ teams competed from all over the United States, the scale, presentation and the food was exceptional. I have seen episodes of the Discovery Channel series BBQ Pitmasters but it doesn't compare to experiencing an event like this in person and taking in the sights and smells of the art of BBQ. Saturday on the main stage not far into the offi
cial Sea World park Brandon Rhyder and old and new fans braved the cold to hear a great set. The temperature dipped into the lower thirties but the music k
ept everyone cozy. Bass player Keegan Reed shared the stage with his
brother Kyle for a couple songs and Brandon announced pl

ans to release an acoustic project he's been working on.