Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stoney Larue & The Arsenal @ Country fever

Oklahoma native Stoney Larue did not ride into Pryor on a big fancy tour bus, instead he rode his Harley Davidson motorcycle from where ever he was, probably visiting friends and family not too far away. Always enthusiastic to be on stage performing for a crowd big or small he is always smiling and happy to play his unique brand of red dirt music which is mix of the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan with some local flavor of red dirt pioneers like the late Bob Childers. Stoney has been working on new material for a new release also. Early on in the show he made a comment that "if security doesnt mind ya'll can come up here on the stage" and at first no one did but it didnt take long for the rush to the stage to begin. The stage in Pryor is very deep and really separates the musicians from the crowd and performers in the genre are used to having an intimate and interacting audience. Saturday night Stoney even made an appearance at the after hours party tent in the VIP campground along with Roger Ray from Jason Bolands band and Storme Warren from GAC television.

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