Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jack Ingram @ Country fever

Jack Ingram is a Texas native now releasing music via Nashville after a long time of paying his dues in the dance halls and bars. The music may have gotten better production with increased budgets but Jack has simply grown along with it. He has become an artist that consistently releases solid ten or twelve song albums that can be listened to front to back all while singing along to his gritty soulful delivery. Jack likes to rock the crowd, giving anyone unfamiliar with the rowdiness of a great venue in Texas a good dose of what it might be like. Digging deep into his repertoire of past releases he will go from The early Texas twang of "Beat up ford" to "Mustang burn" and then his version of the band Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" and on to his current hit "Barefoot & Crazy" Jack travels with a young and energetic band that will go out onto the edge of the stage and pull you back in.

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