Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mike McClure @ Country Fever

Former founding member of the ground breaking band The great divide, Mike McClure came on stage next after Billy Joe Shaver on Friday June 19th. I was pretty excited to see Mike for the first time after seeing his name credited to quite a few of the last releases by Cross Canadian Ragweed and a few others as a producer. Mike left the Great Divide to pursue a change of course he felt he needed to follow even though it might have meant loosing an established fan base. I have heard Mike's work being hailed as something that has changed and modernized the whole sound of red dirt music and one careful listen to his last three releases will have you believing it. The production is so unconventional and so crisp yet retains a roughness thats prevalent in the red dirt scene, maybe just because it comes through in his voice or in his heavy classic rock style distorted riff's through a vintage Orange amp, Mike is not afraid to take a risk. Using his askew view of the surrounding world and his off the wall sense of humor he can relay images vivid in songs like "belly of the Beast" to sweet reminiscence like "Little Sister Sunshine". Mike performed with a three piece band consisting of drums and bass and his own mighty guitar chords taking requests from those waiting to see him at the front of the stage, fans yelled out for "Saints in the Twilight" and they got it right away. Check out Mike's production work soon on Cross Canadian Ragweed's next release and keep an eye out for new material from Mike as a prolific songwriter he's adding to his set each time.

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