Friday, June 26, 2009

Johnny Cooper @ Country Fever

Storme Warren interviewed each artist performing in Pryor Oklahoma and aired each taping right before the band took stage. I watched Johnny Coopers interview and he said that he just turned 21 years old recently. I kept that in mind as i watched him take the stage and as he began his set by beat boxing the intro to "Texas to you" and remarked to my friend helping me out with photography Rob Watson that this guy is really fresh and hip but that he still has that red dirt sound. He reminds me of a modern version of Cody Canada atleast the way his vocals sound, other than that he could be any American idol contestant because he's young and he's got a contemporary and relevant sound. One visit to his new web site and you will immediately notice what i am talking about, this cats hip. Managed by his parents Johnny is working on new material that ive heard deviates from the typical red dirt sound. Guess we will wait and see.

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