Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cross Canadian Ragweed @ Country Fever

The ambassadors of the Oklahoma red dirt music sound known as Ragweed or CCR by their loyal ever growing fan base took the stage after Jason Boland. The crowd was the largest assembled during the four day festival and was in full party mode ready to get rocked by the boys from Oklahoma. Storme Warren from GAC television was on hand all weekend and interviewed each band before introducing them on stage. A quiet and seemingly shy Cody Canada talked in a barely discernible voice answering Storme's questions and its obvious that he and the band are much more comfortable being on stage than being interviewed. Storme came out to introduce the band and ceremonially carried the bands mascot "Henry" a wood carved statue by Doug Moreland to his place on the amps to bring good karma to the band and the crowd. Cody surprised people that havent seen him since they have been secluded away in California recording their new album by sporting a fresh new short haircut. They opened appropriately with their song co written with Stoney LaRue entitled "Oklahoma" which is a sort of short and personal history of the state and the ways it intertwines with his life. Later in the set they played a few new songs like "burn like the Sun" which until then i haven't heard done as a finished arrangement, only as an acoustic version last time i saw them at Joe's bar in Chicago. I am extremely excited for the release of the new record which will be called "Happiness and all the other Things" due out in September. Lots of rumors are floating around about the songs that will be included like a song Cody said before that he would not release because he did not want the label making money off a song about his son. I have also heard rumors of a second CD being released that will feature covers of their favorite bands music that they have been unable to do because of their current contract. Again i was unable to confirm these rumors so we will all have to wait for official reports from the band. In the meantime look out for the awesome new song i heard on New Braunfels Radio station KNBT 92.1 called "51 Pieces" and the new single co written with Brandon Jenkins called "Drag"


  1. Just saw them in seguin and i cant get 51 pieces out of my head ccr rocks!!!

  2. We have loads of great pictures from the 6/18 Bloomington show... do you have more from Countryfest?

  3. Hi Lori, Yes i do have more photos. If you go to the last post i wrote about country fever, there you can click on the title of it to view a slide show of over 300 photos i took of the whole festival. Cross Canadian Ragweed photos are in that slideshow. Just click on the AMP box at the top of the page to go to the Home page (beginning of my blog & most recent posts)