Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Billy Joe Shaver @ Country Fever

Out of all the 37 or so bands and musicians scheduled to appear at Country fever in Pryor Oklahoma i was looking forward to seeing Billy Joe Shaver the most. The man is a living legend, a father of the original outlaw country movement Billy Joe Shaver has seen it all and been through it all in ways not easily imagined. Billy took the stage after Brandon Jenkins and i could not take my eyes off of him. He is so real and still loves to perform and make everyone happy despite the severity he has endured in his own personal life. He is amazing to watch on stage and has a great sense of humor but he can be intense to the point of being downright scary. He demonstrated how to throw a proper punch showing how you have to turn your wrist just before impact.

He then switched to the topic of treating a woman with respect and testifying to his strong belief in the Lord. After the show i went to sit in on his press conference where the question was asked about all his life threatening injuries and accidents, i have heard a few things and forgotten some things but to sit ten feet away from him while he explained how he broke his neck three times, cut three of his fingers off in a sawmill accident and so much more makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, whether you agree with some of what he has done in his personal life or not, the man deserves your full attention and respect. He is a true American treasure.

Billy Joe Shaver was kind enough to take time out for a few photos and to sign my hat, click on the title of this post to see a few more photos of me with him.

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