Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stoney LaRue. The acoustic show @ Joe's

True Texas music fans knew they could not miss this special show at Joe's bar in Chicago September 28Th. It was actually really a gathering of friends who know just how special an acoustic show is with one of the most genuine entertainers in the business. Joe's bar went all out to make this an intimate evening for some serious lyrical listening as acoustic is the best way to "Hear" the music of Stoney LaRue. Tables and chairs were lined up in rows and couches were set on stage with candlelight at each table. stoney was mingling with friends before the show not up in the VIP but on the floor with everyone else. After Chicago's Sue Hughey and her talented band made up of a lead guitarist and a percussionist with Sue singing her creative and original songs were done, Electric instruments were removed from the stage and Stoney casually walked on stage with his Gibson J-200. Stoney greeted the crowd and tuned up and asked his "Friends" to request their favorite songs. Someone shouted out from the left side near the stage wanting to hear "Straight Faced Clown" which Stoney seemed to welcome as his first song of the night. Someone who yelled out the next song was asked by Stoney where he was from and he replied "Michigan" and being from Michigan myself i was proud to hear that some people in Michigan know good music. The song he requested was "Train to Sanity" but Stoney chose to do "Fine lines" instead. He then chose "Box #10) by Jim Croce saying it was one of the first songs he learned and "Texas Moon" was his next choice. By this time the shots of Jagerbombs were being delivered and consumed on stage and everyone was really loosening up, people were taking their turns sitting on the couches on stage and Stoney even took time to pose on stage with a fan while her friend took a photo. he then played "Down in Flames" asking if anyone was familiar with Brandon Jenkins who co wrote the song with Stoney and then he performed "Till the Morning Comes" which was also co written with Brandon. One of his most requested songs "One Chord Song" followed that along with a Jason Boland co write with the song "Shot Full of Holes" about an inmates life compared to being like a street sign that is shot full of holes. Stoney then announced that Tonight he is singing the National Anthem at the Chicago Cubs baseball game at Wrigley field so he sang a song about baseball. The next request was for steel heart which is actually "Crystal Eyes" and then "Feet Don't Touch the Ground" followed by a song about "cash crops" called "Idabel Blues" to which after that Stoney took a short break.
Returning to the stage he did his best rendition of "Blue eyes Crying in the Rain" in his best Willie Nelson voice, which he does very convincingly. Then the song "Sitting Here in Limbo" which has been done by the Grateful Dead and Jimmy Cliff. Someone then shouted out "Long Black Veil" by Johnny Cash and Stoney had to sip some water before tackling the vocals on that one.
Stoney then said that soon he is releasing a new CD that will be all acoustic and that only the packaging needs to be finished yet so look for that soon. Next he performed a heartbreaking version of the Gary Stewart classic "Empty Glass" and then called on everyone to listen to the powerful message contained in the song "Make it to the Mountains" by the "Hillbilly Hendrix" Mr. Randy Crouch. After over two hours the show was capped off with the Mike Hosty of the Oklahoma band Hosty Duo's song "Oklahoma Breakdown" stoney then walked off stage and into the crowd to say hi and pose for more photos. My friends and i got a chance to talk with him and he remembered me and my friend Rob (who helped me out with photography at country fever in Pryor Oklahoma back in June) from the last show at Joe's and my friend Brett (from the local band 9Th St. Bridge) talked with him about writing songs. If you ever get a chance to see Stoney, especially for an acoustic show don't hesitate to go. I got to relax and enjoy this show, usually i am fighting the crowds to get my shots. This time i took notes and really listened to the songs. Click on the title of this post to view more photos. Also go to my other site "Secondary AMP" to watch the video of Stoney singing the National Anthem. The link is to the right at the top of the page here. Go to my other site "Secondary AMP" to see the new CD.

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  1. Watch a video of Stoney singing the National Anthem here.