Sunday, September 6, 2009

David Nail @ Joe's

Last time David Nail played at Joe's bar in Chicago he opened up for the Lost Trailers on May 29Th with an acoustic set before his debut album came out (David has actually been around for about ten years and had an album that was going to be released back in 2002) and gave a strong performance with songs like "I'm About to Come Alive" (First done by the band Train) and his single "Red Light" with just his acoustic guitar. On Friday September 4Th he headlined and brought along his whole band. I have been listening to his new album since it came out on August 18Th and its one of my favorite Nashville releases this year. The self titled album produced by Frank Lidell who also works with Miranda Lambert also includes a duet with Miranda and songs that were co-written by Kenny Chesney and Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts. David also had a hand in writing five songs himself too and hopes to release "Strangers on a Train" as his next single. The album opens up with a great country & southern soul song called "Mississippi" with a beautiful piano accompaniment by Chuck Leavell and stays solid all the way through to the last note. David's debut is full of soulful vocal delivery and an air of maturity in the lyrics. There are none of the stereotypical mainstream themes that run rampant in Nashville country music like tractors, pick up trucks and chewing tobacco. Instead the songs are about contemplating your own mistakes, longing to be somewhere else and a relationship that ends "At a red light in the sunshine on a Sunday" David has an intensity on stage that matches the quality of his music but he still seemed like he was having fun with his band and is enjoying his newly married life. Click on the title to this post to view more photos.

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