Monday, September 14, 2009

Jack Ingram @ Joe's bar

When i arrived at Joe's i pulled into a parking space near the tour bus and looked up and there was Jack Ingram talking on the phone after finishing up a run through the streets of Chicago. I waited until he was not busy and introduced my self and asked if he would mind signing my hat, he politely did and i told him i saw Hayes Carll step off the bus earlier while i was waiting for him. Jack asked "Did you get him to sign your hat too? you should" and i replied that i didn't want to bother him as it looked like he was heading inside to do a sound check. Later while i was waiting for a phone call Hayes came back and i talked to him for a few minutes. Hayes was only along for the ride and was not there to play any songs. Later that night i came back in time to catch Steel Magnolia opening the show and then soon after Jack and his Beat Up Ford band took the stage.
Jack kicked the show off with an energetic "Mustang Burn" and kept that level going for quite a few songs before going into a few slow songs like "Flutter" and his version of "Lips of an Angel" by the band Hinder. Jack Ingram is one of the best showmen in the business and engages the crowd with eye contact and hand shakes. During Jack's recent world record attempt, which he did set (he now holds the record for the most radio interviews done in one day previously held by the band Fall Out Boy) he stated on air that "Joe's bar is the coolest bar in America" and it was streamed live on CMT. At one point he even went crowd surfing which is a first for me to see at Joe's. He involved the crowd by having us sing the background to "Barbie Doll" co written with Todd Snider, Jack re recorded it on his new "Big Dreams & High Hopes" release with Dierks Bentley and a host of Nashville who's who of modern country music. During "Barefoot & Crazy" boots and shoes were passed up to Jack and he tried to sign them all during the song and even balanced his Cowboy boots on the Mic stand. Jack's Beat Up Ford band is top notch and his lead guitar player "Frenchie" as he is known is a true rock star showman. After the show Jack came back to meet fans and talk with everyone upstairs even though he had to leave on the bus by 1:45 am for a 10 am sound check in another state. Click on the title to this post to view more photos of the show.

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  1. Jeff, I got to your site through my good friend, Lori Wright. What an awesome experience you had to step right out of the car and there is Jack Ingram! So cool! Your pictures are great! Makes me feel like I was right there...really just wish I were! Thanks for sharing your talent! - Laurie