Monday, September 28, 2009

Charlie Robison @ joe's

After No Justice Charlie Robison took the stage. Charlie has returned to the airwaves and the stage after releasing his first album "Beautiful Day" in five years. After going through a divorce from his wife (Dixie chick's Emily Erwin) his latest album deals with that process. Charlie chose to for go writing a bitter depressing monologue about it all and instead this album is pretty upbeat and optimistic and full of reflection, using his wry sense of humor to take the edge off or add to it. Charlie has been a fixture and well loved writer and musician for years in Texas, born in Houston and growing up in Bandera he released his first album named after the town he grew up in back in 1996. Charlie produced "Beautiful Day" himself and wrote six of the ten songs. The other four are written by Keith Gattis, Bobby Bare Jr. and Charles Bracco. The last song is a cover of one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs "Racing in the Streets" which he does justice too but he did not try to make much different which to me is a good thing.
Charlie performed quite a few songs off the latest record including the title cut and also the songs "Nothing Better To Do", "Reconsider" and "Down Again" and also some older hits like "Barlight" and "Life of the party" to which his keyboard player brought out the accordion to accompany the song. Charlie's band is made up of veterans of the Texas and Nashville music scene and i was really impressed as was No Justice guitar player Cody Patton with his guitar player. The guitar parts on the studio version of "Beautiful Day" were done by the exceptional guitar player Charlie Sexton. Click on this post to view more photos.

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