Monday, September 21, 2009

The Randy Rogers band @ Joe's

As a fan of Country music in general with more disdain for what Nashville is calling Country music these days (its not all bad, i just like mine with some substance and integrity) i began to search out other forms of Country music years ago. When i saw Dierks Bentley was sporting a T-shirt with the words "The Randy Rogers Band" on it i knew i could trust him to steer me in the right direction, after all he also is a proud owner of more than a few Cross Canadian Ragweed shirts. A Randy Rogers show is full of energy from the first note played and the crowd at Joe's is always enthusiastic to give feedback to fuel the fire.
Randy and the band are hardcore country music fans in the old tradition of Waylon and Willie as well as some of their contemporaries who either influence them or emulate them and lead guitarist Geoffrey Hill brings an alternative rock influence to the group. Randy reveres Texas song crafters such as Guy Clark and Radney Foster and he has had the honor of working with both (Radney also produced the last three discs) and quite a few more. Bass player and harmony vocalist (everyone in the band sings harmony) Jon Richardson writes also and usually contributes a few songs to each record. Anyone who has seen the band live knows what fiddle player Brady Black brings to the show, talking to Brady after the show he said he has been playing fiddle since about the age of twelve and out of curiosity i asked how old the fiddle is that he plays on stage he said it dates back to 1759.
The Randy Rogers Band's latest self titled release has been a huge hit for them but the time has come to begin working an a new album. The band played three new songs that have been coming together and beginning to take life as possible tracks on an upcoming new CD. The new songs "Interstate" and "Holding onto Letting Go" are getting more comfortable for them each time they play them and i really liked hearing them. I cant remember the name of the third song but i will update this when i get the info. All of them have some really great hooks and melodies. Click on the title of this post to view more photos.

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