Friday, June 17, 2011

Ronnie Dunn @ Joe's Bar

If you tuned your radio into a country music station at anytime in the last two decades the voice of half the duo of Brooks & Dunn, Ronnie Dunn is a very familiar sound and instantly recognizable. He is also someone recognizable in any other medium, his looks have not changed much over the years, still has that same hair cut and facial hair, he's gotten a little older and so have we who grew up on his music but his voice has remained as youthful as when we first heard hits like "My Next Broken Heart" and "Boot Scootin Boogie" back in the early nineties.
One of the most popular duos in the history of Country music, winning nearly every award up for grabs, Brooks & Dunn called it quits and performed their last concert in September of 2010 and Ronnie Dunn has gone back to doing what he did
before those days, being a solo artists. Ronnie released his first solo album in over 20 years simply entitled "Ronnie Dunn" on Sony
Records and things have a way of coming back around because this show at Joe's Bar in Chicago was also Ronnie's first club appearance in over 20 years. Drawing on singles from that new release like "Singer in a Cowboy Band" and "Bleed Red" as well as songs from the fourteen plus albums recorded with Kix Brooks in Brooks & Dunn, the show clocked in at a little over 75 minutes and was a run through the greatest hits of some of the
best and most popular country songs written for modern
country radio. The days of Brooks & Dunn as a duo maybe over but that familiar voice still is heard over the airwaves and that's the "Honky Tonk Truth". Thank you to Chicago's premier country radio station US99 for bringing lucky ticket winners another big show at Joe's.

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