Monday, June 20, 2011

Gary Allan @ B-93 Birthday Bash.

A friend of mine called and said she had a few extra "free" tickets for Sunday's second day of the B-93 Birthday Bash held at Martin's US 131 Drag way. Earlier in the week i attempted to contact the appropriate people at the radio station to line up a photo pass, after getting a little bit of run around i was told that they "were all set" so i debated about even going at all but decided to give it a try walking through the photo line for fans. I wrote free in quotations because only the tickets were free, handed out at various locations weeks in advance, parking was twenty dollars per day, seriously? Food and drinks were available on the dreaded ticket system and drinks including light beer worked out to be five dollars per ticket. Food was a different matter, four tickets for five dollars and conveniently your always short a ticket or two or are left over with a few. After parking and a beer it became harder to part with anymore cash. The Bash was also held on Saturday, the day before, i didn't attend but followed what was going on using Twitter and Facebook. A record crowd of over 60,000 people attended Saturday, traffic was backed up along US 131 for over eight miles with more than a two hour wait just to get off the highway but Sunday was completely the opposite probably because it
was fathers day or because Saturdays attendees were broke. I hate to complain about the heat because
temps in the eighties really isn't that hot but when you have to sit in the blazing sun all day with no shade in site it can really take it's toll and in fact a few people were treated for heat exhaustion
Anyone who knows me knows i am not a fan of pop country and i don't listen to the radio except for a couple stations online like KNBT in New Braunfels Texas or 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth so i was not familiar at all with most of the acts playing all weekend. The only reason i went was to see Gary Allan, who i still like because he has an edge and is still country to me.
I left before the headliner Josh Turner took the stage because we didn't want to wait in traffic. Had i known the traffic going in on Sunday wasn't bad at all we probably would have just shown up later for Gary. I am thankful at least to find that B-93 still had a photo line for fans to walk through as in years past, although they herd you through like cattle and don't let you stand long enough to compose a shot i was able to get some pretty good photos sometimes having to ignore the distracting taps on the shoulder telling me to move along. I know i'm complaining quite a bit and if i was a fan of pop country, had plenty of money and was impervious to sun burns i would have probably been able to enjoy the day and i know that i am in the minority up here in Michigan when i admit that this just isn't my kind of music festival anymore. The days line up included Kip Moore, Randy Montana, Ashton Shepherd, Josh Kelly and Gary Allan followed by Josh Turner. Click here for more photos.

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