Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The outdoor concert with Jack Ingram.

Friday was the last day of the Musicfest and part of the festivities always include an outdoor concert and Jack Ingram performed the show again. I wanted to see this show because i think Jack is a great entertainer and because it was outdoors whereas all the other shows during the week are indoors, so it makes for some different photos.

Doug Moreland started the show off and i didn't make it on time for that but i did manage to catch most of Jack's set before i had to run to the big tent to get some shots for a band called Sons of Bill. Everytime i see Jack i have been treated to a high energy show sometimes filled with surprises and this time i wasn't let down, some may think he's crazy but Jack was barefoot and Crazy on the outdoor stage where it was below 10 degrees, maybe less. Before starting the song he removed his ski boots and his socks and performed his hit "Barefoot and Crazy" in bare feet and a t-shirt claiming that "this is about as good as i am gonna get my guitar tuned" in such a cold environment. The outdoor concert is always free for everyone, not just Musicfest attendees and walking up to the base and hearing the music reverberate off the mountain was a great way to start my day.

Click here to see my video of Jack singing "Barbie Doll"

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