Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Two of the Steamboat Musicfest

Well i tried to get to Bear River to see Jonathan Tyler but by the time i got ready to go i figured i wouldn't make it on time but i did want to see the Band of Heathens
so i was able to catch that show. I have never seen them before and i have heard so many great things. I like their energy and how they take turns on vocals. Later Roger Ray (Jason Boland's band) and i walked over to the big tent as Brandon Rhyder was nearing the end of his set. The sound in the big tent is so good, Brandon sounded great with his strong voice and great harmonies. Shiner Beer hooked me and my group up with free Shiner beers in the big tent so after a few Shiner Bocks Seth James and his band took the stage, Seth 's guitar playing is effortless and guitarist Geoff Queen is one of the best around plus Sean McConnell joined him for one song. Stoney LaRue then took the stage and by then the crowd was feeling good enough to dance. Stoney's music and attitude is just infectious, and even though we've all heard the songs plenty of times, it never gets old.
Randy Rogers closed the night down in the tent, i talked with Brady Black earlier in the day and he said that their new single will be released in May and they

performed a few of the new songs like "Interstate" and announced the title of the new CD but right now i can't recall it, maybe later it will come to me.
After Randy's show we went to the Steamboat Grand to see Micky & The Motorcars, who i have really been listening too a lot since their new "Live at Billy Bob's" disc came out, it was packed in there so i just took a few photos and walked around, Wade Bowen handed me almost a half cup of Jager so by that time, my memory was pretty much shot.
So i walked over to Chaps which is a bar in the Grand where everyone seems to hang out at and i talked with Ray Wylie Hubbard along the way after i had just bo ught his new CD " A. Enlightenment, B. Endarkenment, There is no C" that he released this week here at the Musicfest.
Eventually we went up to the seventh floor for the private party that goes on everynight after Chaps closes and i got to talk with Gary Wooten and Roger Creager for a while. We finally made it home after a long cold walk at about 5am.

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