Sunday, June 6, 2010

Roger Creager and Luke Bryan @ Joe's.

Early in the morning i woke up and continued the drive toward home from Lucky Maggies in Missouri hoping to make it in time to catch the Roger Creager & Luke Bryan show at Joe's May 7th.
I didn't get much sleep the night before closing down Lucky Maggies and then getting on the road around 5am so i had to pull over a few times and take short half hour naps to be able to keep going. After waiting in traffic and checking into my hotel i made the show just in time as Roger was already on stage. His band was crowded in by all of Luke's gear already on stage but they seemed like they were having fun. I don't think Roger played any new material but i think he won over some new fans that without Luke would otherwise miss the chance to hear him.Luke always pulls in a great crowd at Joe's so you can always count on it being standing room only like the other times i have seen him there and so since there is no photo pit i usually have to wait near the front of the stage early to get any good shots. Running late i wasn't able to do that so i had to shoot from the outside areas plus i was so tired i didn't feel like trying to get into that crowd.
Luke put on another great show, sang a few good classic rock cover songs and poured a few beers for people in the audience and one guy even snuck in a guitar somehow that was passed up to Luke to sign. I was tired, watched a lot of the show from the TV screens upstairs but the redbull's weren't working so i didn't hang around too long after the show.

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