Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cross Canadian Ragweed @ The Majestic

Since we were already half way to Madison when we were in Chicago for the Reckless Kelly show we decided to make the weekend even better by driving up to the Majestic theater to catch the Ragweed show since i don't think i will be seeing them when i am in Texas.
The Majestic is a theater that seems extremely tiny but i was told it can hold around six hundred people and it was packed wall to wall and sold out very quickly. The rowdy crowd was revved up and partying and a few got out of hand prompting Cody to say a few words and i saw the police haul away at least one drunk fan outside the venue. That's not at all surprising for a ragweed show, its rock & roll and its messy and it should be.
We got into downtown Madison early enough to catch some of the sound check, talk with Nathan about the photo pass they set me up with and say hi to Cody and Jeremy before we went across the street to one of my favorite breweries in Madison, The Great Dane on Doty street near the state capitol.
Local musicians from Madison, The Mighty Short Bus opened the show with there heavy hitting straight up rock ala Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes and then Cross Canadian Ragweed came out to a well primed crowd. The trip was made even more worth while after the show when we got to hang out with Ragweed & crew after the show again at the Great Dane and we all had a great time. Finally got to try out this Texas style BBQ place called Smoque that i keep hearing about in Chicago and they had the best brisket ive ever had yet making for a perfect weekend.

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