Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well when some of my texas friends were off to Steamboat Colorado for this years Musicfest i was stuck here with no money to be able to make it which made me seek out ways i could find updates as to what was going on out there. XM radio was one idea but i dont have my account anymore, actually i only had a Sirius account back then. Todd Purifoy of Lonestar Music Magazine and Texas Red Dirt Photos (link on right side of this blog) was nice enough to tell me about his blogsite that he was going to try and keep updated with news and photos from the location. That was really cool, but then somehow i found out about a site called (link on right side of this blog) they were posting video footage of concerts, interviews and reporting from steamboat and posting it all a few times a day. I began watching all that coverage everyday and really loving what they did so when my friend David told me they were looking for people to volunteer to be reporters for the musicfog site i immediatly signed up. I was lucky enough to snag the reporter number 001 and they are sending me my credentials (badge) soon. Please visit the site and check out all the cool things going on there. I am one of a small number of people that will be doing this from various parts of the country. Abbey, events manager at Luckenbach Texas is one of the other reporters so it should make for some interesting reading. Evertime i write and post something new over there i will make a note about it here also with a link.

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